Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Problems with Vice

Ok, I know police need to do their jobs, I know vice actually work with the DEA and not with the police at least here. But some of them really are out of control!
I was walking from the gas station near my home, with a big bag in my hands drinking from a water bottle when a car pulled up and shouted hey at me, I walked past as on this street that usually only means one thing and I quite frankly wish to have no involvement with it. I continue walking and the dude then pulls up in the very next street and does the same thing, so now I am starting to get very annoyed. I keep walking and the guy pulls into a business parks himself in the middle of the drive so my choices are go into the road, or go onto the business property to get around him. I then get angry as the dude is sitting there staring at my chest once again saying hey.
I tell the guy to move it with a few swear words added in or I would call the cops, the man then pulls out a badge and tells me that I cant call the cops on him, he IS a cop. I asked for his badge number and name and he refused to give it to me, saying it looked like I was a lady of the night working in the day. I then asked him what I had done to make him think I was in that line of work seeing as for starters I had passed his car without even looking at him SEVERAL times and had threatened to phone the police on him, plus I was carrying a heavy bag and was coming from the gas station. I had done nothing to even suggest to anyone I was in that line of work, and that I would be hostile to anyone who kept following and pulling up on me like that. His reply was to say he was just doing his job to protect people like me. I was about to completely lose it and so just said ...yeah...thanks... and turned and continued walking.
I then proceeded to try and file a complaint, no one really wants to take a complaint about anything around here and all you get is answering machine and secretaries who honestly must have just been hired for their looks. If I done get a response by noon tomorrow I WILL be making this a federal matter. I have seen these guys go after women pushing strollers, STROLLERS for waving to a car to allow it to go onto the road before they crossed the drive. They stopped another woman out here who had just gone to buy her breakfast and had a large bag with milk and cereal in it for the same thing... She was just walking home from the corner store, she didn't even think they were stopping for her until they flashed their badge as she walked past... They are out of control and something has GOT to be done.

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