Monday, May 16, 2011

Paypal; Naughty or Nice

I have a verified paypal account, then I get an email stating that they need to verify all my details. But to do that they need a copy of my photo ID my SS Card and a utility bill or a copy of my bank statement... WTF??? O_O They are listed and licensed as a Money TRANSMITTER not a financial institution... To request those details is against federal law... And why when I am already verified... I get to have a nice long discussion tomz about legalities with them...


  1. Sounds like a scam email, I got a few of these from "paypal" it was actually from some guy in asia
    paypal will never email you asking for information, I'm not sure they email people at all except notifications like "you got payed" stuff like that
    because they can just handle anything when you login to paypal
    anyway I would ignore it

  2. Actually it was officially from them and yes they did actually limit my account because I did not send them my personal details like they requested. So sadly yes paypal feel it their full right to violate federal law and yes they have reported and a case against them is in the works. They have actually been kicked out of several states and countries apparently for pulling this already.