Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Problems with Vice

Ok, I know police need to do their jobs, I know vice actually work with the DEA and not with the police at least here. But some of them really are out of control!
I was walking from the gas station near my home, with a big bag in my hands drinking from a water bottle when a car pulled up and shouted hey at me, I walked past as on this street that usually only means one thing and I quite frankly wish to have no involvement with it. I continue walking and the dude then pulls up in the very next street and does the same thing, so now I am starting to get very annoyed. I keep walking and the guy pulls into a business parks himself in the middle of the drive so my choices are go into the road, or go onto the business property to get around him. I then get angry as the dude is sitting there staring at my chest once again saying hey.
I tell the guy to move it with a few swear words added in or I would call the cops, the man then pulls out a badge and tells me that I cant call the cops on him, he IS a cop. I asked for his badge number and name and he refused to give it to me, saying it looked like I was a lady of the night working in the day. I then asked him what I had done to make him think I was in that line of work seeing as for starters I had passed his car without even looking at him SEVERAL times and had threatened to phone the police on him, plus I was carrying a heavy bag and was coming from the gas station. I had done nothing to even suggest to anyone I was in that line of work, and that I would be hostile to anyone who kept following and pulling up on me like that. His reply was to say he was just doing his job to protect people like me. I was about to completely lose it and so just said ...yeah...thanks... and turned and continued walking.
I then proceeded to try and file a complaint, no one really wants to take a complaint about anything around here and all you get is answering machine and secretaries who honestly must have just been hired for their looks. If I done get a response by noon tomorrow I WILL be making this a federal matter. I have seen these guys go after women pushing strollers, STROLLERS for waving to a car to allow it to go onto the road before they crossed the drive. They stopped another woman out here who had just gone to buy her breakfast and had a large bag with milk and cereal in it for the same thing... She was just walking home from the corner store, she didn't even think they were stopping for her until they flashed their badge as she walked past... They are out of control and something has GOT to be done.


Well my other half is creating some mods for Oblivion I have been filling out paperwork, and lots of it. We have narrowed down our choices to 3 buildings one of which is actually like a bunker and had been used for a bank. Kinda sounds like a cool place to play games, however I wish to make sure its defiantly going to be in an area where we will get a high enough amount of traffic. The other one I really like is a group of four buildings that have a fountain in the middle, only thing I'm worried about it once we get properly rolling, keeping track on whats going on in all four buildings, could also be a good way to set up vs tournaments though. The buildings versing each other, we shall have to see how we go with it all though. Gaming wise I have not done as much as I would like O_O I am eagerly waiting all the new games like MW3, BF3 and Borderlands 2 and yes I will be getting them all MUAHAHAHAHA. I get a free copy of Borderlands 2 though for PC and Xbox 360, so looking forward to that!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Starting a business

Well, we have had a really slow internet connection at the place I am staying at for a while, which has made even loading a webpage quite hard. Fortunately the matter seems to be resolved now so I should be posting a lot more! YAY!
I am also now trying to start up my own company, the registering process is going quickly, the acquiring funding part actually seems to be going quite fast as well. Now it's just narrowing down what building I want, and that's like finding a needle in a haystack O_O. Undead PC (my site) now also has a facebook page, now I need to work out the best way to get fans for it lol. So far all is going well!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paypal; Naughty or Nice

I have a verified paypal account, then I get an email stating that they need to verify all my details. But to do that they need a copy of my photo ID my SS Card and a utility bill or a copy of my bank statement... WTF??? O_O They are listed and licensed as a Money TRANSMITTER not a financial institution... To request those details is against federal law... And why when I am already verified... I get to have a nice long discussion tomz about legalities with them...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gaming Rig

Well we are building a show build and so far landed some good parts, we have got a for the win edition tournament motherboard and 2 Sparkle Caliber P960's which we will be running in SLI mode. The board will be running an intel quad core and we are still deciding on the cpu cooler. Needless to say the case will have some lovely UV lights and some custom grills and decals.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Ops

As a watch my other half play the PC version of Black Ops I am astounded by the number of people who seem to only be able to get by in the game using cheats! Aimbots and trackers abound not to mention all the other mid rid of Lag switches and Armour increasing cheats. I never get how that makes playing the game fun for someone, it certainly doesn't make the game fun for anyone else. Its just to bad that the game is mainly hosted on private servers that just don't give a shit instead of hosts of a more official nature. Your best bet for an enjoyable game match is to find a well monitored clan hosted server and even then try not get to frustrated by how bad the spawn points are.
I have yet to retrieve my steam account but when I do I will be playing MW2 more then black ops...